Sunlight was just trying to fit in,
Through this winter fog

While she came along and
Sat on my lap,
Trying to fit-in my arms

I could barely see the sun
As her face was just infront of me
That created a beautiful Eclipse
And that Edge Light around her hair
That was worth capturing
But she already made me promise
To not to use the camera
To not to do Photography

It was a cold winter day,
But the warmth of the sun
And her Moons,
Was making me comfortable

My balcony is shitty,
As she described
Pigeons were the reason she said.
She smiled watching the act of pigeons
She turned towards me,
kissed me,
removed her clothes,
Showed off her wings
Pigeons were the reason, she said

I took her to the bed
The sunlight was stark by this time
My skin is sensitive
It tans really quickly.
Her nails are sharp
It scratches my skin easily

Six inches,
Zara salesman told,
spray the perfume six inches away
from neck.
Zara Red Vanilla, she bought
last night
She purposely sprayed the same
in this Winter morning
She know smelling and kissing her neck is my habit
And biting her lips is my Genre

She is fit
But I am not
She has abs
And I have bags
But there’s one thing that I have
And she loves that.
My eyes she always say
Are worth staring.
My eyes, she say
Can’t be trusted.
But here she is
In front of me
All in her skin
And only in her skin
Wearing me as blanket.
I can be naked in front of him
Still he won’t hurt me.
She once said, to her frnd
That trust is what I seek
And that level of loyalty
is what I return.

Yet again what I can return
Is what I am good at.
Ever tasted a rose petal
How organic it tastes.
Her taste down there,
Tastes the same.
Good things,
Takes time
So does woman.
Strangling between her legs
It’s been dozens of breath we shared
She does take time
Aah there she is, her breathing
Turned into moaning
The sign of continuity
Just keep doing whatever you were doing,
She whispered to me breathely.

I am not a cricketer
I don’t understand the pace of the ball
But I do understand to increase the pace of my tongue here
She started to stretch her toes
She held her hand on my head
Her legs strangled me more firmly
And with that thunderous moan,
There was this heavy rainfall
That I wasn’t expecting

She slapped me
And it was a tight slap
She does always slap me
The hardness of the slap
Determines how hard I gave her the orgasm

Yes we didn’t had sex
Yet we had sex
Yes I didn’t got inside her
Yet we had orgasm
Sex is for couples
Orgasm is for friends
Yes I am not her lover
Yes I am her friend
Friend More than a lover
Lover Less than a husband

This was our breakup sex
She promised me she will not have sex with me ever again.
But she also took my promise
That I will give her yet another chance to slap me harder

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