Writer by Passion, or just by chance. For me Sex is an Art, and I am an Artist. I write erotic stories, short stories, one liners, if you are like who enjoys sex and consider it as one of the beautiful things that GOD created, then this place will not less than heaven for you all. People say that my writings make them wet, if that is so, if after reading my work, if you get wet, do comment “I had a Waterfall” I’ll understand that you have enjoyed my work. If a reader gets wet after reading my work, then I feel my job as writer has been done.

I belong to the Bull Clan, yes I am a Taurus♉. That’s why I am so inclined towards Arts and being Sex also an Art, my inclination towards sex is also impressive. I love to discuss the Artistic approach of sex, you will find the same in my poetry or stories and post as well.

I love to talk and share experiences about Sex, so if anyone is interested in talking to me then do contact me. Also if you have love towards exhibitionist and you love sharing self boudoir Portraits then you are at right place. Do ping me at my hangout account : sexgodtaurus@gmail.com

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