“It was all past, I don’t have feelings for you now, also I am loyal to my partner”, she replied to me.

I said, ” ok yeah, I understand”

I saw the time, it was late enough, it was 3.30am, I told her its late, I am sleeping now.

She said good night friend, have a good sleep.

And I switched off the WiFi and went to sleep.

There was a white flash infront of me and went to flashback.

“Hello Jesbie, (name changed due to privacy) How are you ?” I texted her on Ablo Messaging App. She replied “Hello friend, I am fine, Hope you are also”

She was spanish and I don’t know how to speak Spanish but the Ablo app automatically translates our conversation to our native languages.

It was a nice Goddamn app to connect people around the globe, I don’t use it now, as it is now paid, and it was free then, and no In-App purchases.

So she was a baker, actually she is a baker, she really bakes nice cakes, and cookies I have seen her pictures delicious cakes she bakes.

I get well with Taurus people, because I am also Taurus, Jesbie, is also taurean.

She is a lil chubby but she has a nice skin color, I have seen her pictures, we used to share our pictures, but not now, she is in love with someone else.

Our days were opposite, our time zones were different, but still we used to text and chat alot.

Because it was the initial time of Lockdown around the world, everybody was free and had time, so we used to enjoy our talks alot.

After few months, we were very open to each other, she started developing feeling for me, and we used to Video call each other, and those video calls and text chats turned into Phone Sex for us.

Ablo was strict in its privacy and security policies so we shared our Google hangout IDs and started chatting on Hangout, we do still chat, only chat, not much but.

So we started sharing our nudes to each other, we used to do phone sex with each other, on Hangout. She used to love my lips, she always asked me to kiss her, and virtually on video call I used to kiss her.

Then slowly we used to remove our clothes one by one. Black was her favorite color. She used to wear black all the time, she used to remove her black top, and then watching her in Bra, I tend to get hard. Then I used to remove my Tshirt.

We usually video call when it’s night here at my place. I only wear track pants and a t-shirt during the nights, and nothing else, so when I used to remove my t-shirt I used to be bare chested, she liked my chest, my hairy chest, I should say.

I used to kiss her virtually, and then she used to touch her boobs, she used to press them softly, then she used to remove her bra, and infront of me there were massive beautiful boobs of her.

Damn her boobs I still remember are big, her nipples wooww, yummyy, I wish I could just suck them, and play with her boobs.

She used to moan alot, I used to kiss her, and lick her virtually on the camera.

Then I used to point my camera downward, I used to show my bulge. I still remember, when I first showed my dick to her, she was so timid, so shy, I still remember her face she hid her face with pillow.

She used to like my dick, she always said that she Wanted to lick my dick and suck it.

Then slowly she used to point her camera downward showing her chubby belly and naval, and then to her panty.

Her panty were also sometimes black in color, just to tell you guyz I get a hard on when I see a female panty, she used to pull it out in front of me, ohh damnnn that was the sexiest part.

Her pussy little hairy sometimes, but I like it, she used to spread her legs for me, so I can see her beautiful pink pussy, amidst her thick thighs.

Thighs that I would lick all over, to her pussy, wet pussy. She used to tell me to kiss her and make moan her name, I used to do that.

We used to see each other while we masturbate, that was really sexy, she used to like me alot, she is genuinely a nice person.

I used to show her while I cum, she said she always wanted to lick my cum. She used to say I wanna hug you.

I would love to hug her too.

But she doesn’t do such things with me now, she’s in love with other person.

I sometimes feel to do again with her, but she’s like she doesn’t want to do with me as she’s loyal to her boyfriend.

I understand that, but exploring self love, with someone isn’t bad what do you guyz say?
Someone whom she started feeling good about her body.

If anyone wants to connect with me on Hangout then do let me know.

Also comment ,what do you feel, should she connect with me again or not?

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