I always wondered artists do look up for muse and they find their muse, and then they write, or sketch or Paint or take photographs of their Muse.

I always was curious when will I find my Muse, I thought my Muse are closed friends or people who I like alot. So I took photos of my two of my female friends and named that series as Muse. But then as time passed I thought no these are not my Muse, they are just my friends. Then again I lingered on to what and who my Muse is.

After months, today I realised that muse is someone or anyone that gives you inspiration to create something new. Or to imagine something new.

Recently I found a female, on Instagram, I don’t know her real name, it’s just her username I know. She recently started her new page of boudoir.
Showcasing her own boudoir photographs.

Now you’ll ask why is she inspiring, she’s inspiring because she’s not a teenage girl who likes to earn followers but, she’s a woman, a mother of a 7years old kid. And I could feel her confidence through her photos.

In a country like India, a woman doing boudoir for herself, for her satisfaction or her confidence is commendable. Not every woman does here. May be they love to take their pictures but because of society cultures they can’t express how they feel truly.

Considering all this, and a 7yr old kid, don’t you think it’s a commendable confidence and independence.

I being a photographer, always was intrigued with human body, that’s why I mostly shoot Portraitures. And boudoir Photography is one such genre I am really intrigued.

Because she is a woman having a kid, she has natural stretch marks, and that’s pretty normal. And you know what, that makes her more special.
Females now apply different types of cream and lotions to hide or remove these stretch marks but this woman, my Muse, is all natural, and this is the reason for making her my Muse.

She’s beautiful, she’s mesmerizing, I have seen her pictures she’s full of life. She is curvy, and I fall for curvy girls.
I beleive skinny girls are for boys, and curvy girls are for Men, and I love curvy females.

She has nice thick long hair, I have always said, I love females who have long hair. She has long hair around her waist.

Her thighs full of meat, one can keep kissing and licking her thighs and she will keep admiring you for that. Her legs are in great shape, looks smooth in photos, I wish I could check them in real too.

Her waist is broad, but hey that’s what you are here for right. But then it is said, when the waist is broad, then that means there is more room to eat 😉

You know they say you shouldn’t keep the best for the last, so here I am doing the same. I am sure you all have seen mangoes, they are huge, perky from bottom but full of juice and sweetness. Her boobs are just like that. And I can’t take my eyes off her boobs. They are big, just the apt size I love, nipples are perky, dark in color, indian females have dark nipples. Her cleavage is way too deep but when you got to dig the well you have to go deep.

She has a very sexy panty which has words imprinted, that says Sweet Little Things. You know the more and more I watch her photos and more and more she uploads her photos, the more I feel to meet her. That sweet little things, I genuinely want to taste how sweet it is. But she told me she doesn’t like pussy pictures so I will not click Pictures in which her pussy is visible. Because for me client satisfaction and consent is more important.

She keeps uploading her pictures everyday. She showed me her collection of the images, and I should tell you the pictures are stunning.

I feel She wants to express alot with her photos, she just wants to be free. She wants to tell her story, and I am really intrigued to know more about her and her story.

That’s why I have planned to meet her, not now after this pandemic is over. She stays in different city far off my place, but definitely I will plan because I have to shoot her pictures, she has love towards boudoir and I love boudoir photography, when like minded people meet, the outcome is always better.

Hoping to meet her soon.

One Winter Day

Sunlight was just trying to fit in,
Through this winter fog

While she came along and
Sat on my lap,
Trying to fit-in my arms

I could barely see the sun
As her face was just infront of me
That created a beautiful Eclipse
And that Edge Light around her hair
That was worth capturing
But she already made me promise
To not to use the camera
To not to do Photography

It was a cold winter day,
But the warmth of the sun
And her Moons,
Was making me comfortable

My balcony is shitty,
As she described
Pigeons were the reason she said.
She smiled watching the act of pigeons
She turned towards me,
kissed me,
removed her clothes,
Showed off her wings
Pigeons were the reason, she said

I took her to the bed
The sunlight was stark by this time
My skin is sensitive
It tans really quickly.
Her nails are sharp
It scratches my skin easily

Six inches,
Zara salesman told,
spray the perfume six inches away
from neck.
Zara Red Vanilla, she bought
last night
She purposely sprayed the same
in this Winter morning
She know smelling and kissing her neck is my habit
And biting her lips is my Genre

She is fit
But I am not
She has abs
And I have bags
But there’s one thing that I have
And she loves that.
My eyes she always say
Are worth staring.
My eyes, she say
Can’t be trusted.
But here she is
In front of me
All in her skin
And only in her skin
Wearing me as blanket.
I can be naked in front of him
Still he won’t hurt me.
She once said, to her frnd
That trust is what I seek
And that level of loyalty
is what I return.

Yet again what I can return
Is what I am good at.
Ever tasted a rose petal
How organic it tastes.
Her taste down there,
Tastes the same.
Good things,
Takes time
So does woman.
Strangling between her legs
It’s been dozens of breath we shared
She does take time
Aah there she is, her breathing
Turned into moaning
The sign of continuity
Just keep doing whatever you were doing,
She whispered to me breathely.

I am not a cricketer
I don’t understand the pace of the ball
But I do understand to increase the pace of my tongue here
She started to stretch her toes
She held her hand on my head
Her legs strangled me more firmly
And with that thunderous moan,
There was this heavy rainfall
That I wasn’t expecting

She slapped me
And it was a tight slap
She does always slap me
The hardness of the slap
Determines how hard I gave her the orgasm

Yes we didn’t had sex
Yet we had sex
Yes I didn’t got inside her
Yet we had orgasm
Sex is for couples
Orgasm is for friends
Yes I am not her lover
Yes I am her friend
Friend More than a lover
Lover Less than a husband

This was our breakup sex
She promised me she will not have sex with me ever again.
But she also took my promise
That I will give her yet another chance to slap me harder

Photo Session

She was standing by the window, so that I could click her photo in the natural light. Those beam of light was passing through transparent white clothes and were getting soaked in her wet skin.

Her skin was wet as she just had shower, I made her do it, because I wanted to shoot her wet
Those water drops on her hair were shining like diamond in that beam of light.

I told her how to pose, I told her to hold and click, wow I said that was beautiful. Really that shot was really beautiful.

Then I told her to just casually lie on the bed, with Messy bedsheet all over her. I told her lie on her stomach and raise her legs and cross it, I changed my camera settings so that I could focus more on her and gradually make, rest of her body blur. I told her to make a sensuous expression she did that and I clicked it and there was this amazing picture of her.

I then again described her the pose but she wasn’t getting it, so she told me, ” you can touch me and make me pose, I will not feel bad”. I felt little awkward to touch her, but with a dreep breath I held her hands to make a nice pose. And the moment I tried to tuck her hair I could feel her deep breath and  a little moan. I saw her lips biting her own. But I trying to maintain my decency I stopped and walked to my position to click her photo. The moment I saw her from the viewfinder I just realised her eyes were not the same as it was before, her expression were not the same as it was before, movement and wetness of her lips was also not as before. And with that amazement my finger just got clicked the shutter accidentally but that picture was breathtaking. It was as if her eyes were wanting something. And her lips were feeling thirsty.

I was trying to bring my senses back and was about to tell her for next shot, “Shoot me Naked” , she said said. And I was standing still as if I got a shock. Excuse me what, I asked her, she said “Take my nude photo” and without any further due, she removed her transparent clothes.

So males are divided into groups, first are those who are butt lovers, second are those who love boobs.
I am boob lover, I love boobs so very much.
In front of me were amazing looking, perfectly shaped boobs with pink colored nipples and my mouth was wide opened. “Click those or touch them whatever you feel like but just don’t be a statue” she said. And with that embarrassing smile I held my camera and took few shots.

She was full naked in front of me, she felt so empowered as if she doesn’t care what will I think and what will I say, I thought she has alot of courage to do so.

“I trust you” , she said, ” I know you are a good guy, I know you will not misuse these photos as well, i always wanted to get my nude photoshoot done, but I always wanted to do with a trusted man, and who better than you I know” after hearing all this for myself I felt relieved and proud.

I moved a little back so that I can take a full length shot of her, the moment I saw from the viewfinder of the camera, I saw her walking towards me, I said hold the pose, I want to take picture, but she ignored and kept walking towards me. She held my camera and put it away on the table and stood very close to me.

It is really hard to concentrate on the face, when you have delicious boobs infront of you. I asked her what happened? She said, ” I trust you” and without wasting a moment she kissed me, soft passionate, deep kiss. It was unexpected so I moved myself a little back, and before I could ask her she pushed me on the bed, dived on me.

She started kissing me and moved my hands to her boobs, and there was that moment when I lost my control, I was pressing her boobs, soft, big boobs like cotton balls. She started to moan because I was pressing it hard.

She started undressing me, and now we both were in our own skin. She kissed me chest kissed me all over. Rubbed her boobs all over my chest it was ecstatic. I pulled her over, started kissing her tightly, wildly, bit her lips, she moaned. I kept pressing her boobs, kissed her neck bit her neck, I made my marks on her. I kissed her boobs licked her boobs bit her nipples, and sucked her nipples.

She continued to moan, and I continued to sign my presence all over her body. I kissed her stomach her navel , slowly moving down to her waist, while she was enjoying her fingers messing with my hair.

Now I was really down, I saw her, I saw her eyes, I felt the begging in her eyes, I felt the thirst on her lips, she read what my eyes were asking, and in her moaning voice she said yes. Without wasting any moment I quickly dived again, and kissed her abdomen.

I then slowly spread her legs, and there was this in front of me, the gates of heaven, The purest well which can quench my thirst.
I could see it dripping, she was already wet, I gently touched it, and she wrapped me around and closed her legs, with my face just in the perfect position to drink all her up

I started with kissing her, and that wet strang was on my lips too, I then licked her once, she aroused more and moaned deeply. I tried to get my tongue inside her and started my tongue game, while she was trying to hold back her burst, but only in a couple of my tongue strokes she couldn’t control herself and released all her juices for me.

I thought this made her relax but for my surprise this was only her starter now she wanted her meal, and I was also ready to giver her my meal. I started rubbing my dick against her vagina, as it was already wet, we didn’t need any artificial lubricant. Her juices were enough to get both of us lubricated. While I was rubbing her vagina with my dick, she was pressing her boobs and sucking her nipples.

I didn’t wanted to tease her more, so I slowly carefully, got inside her. For a moment or two, there was silence all over the place as if somebody has paused the world. There was no breathing sounds we could only hear the sound of our heartbeat. I leaned towards her, kissed her, bit her lips and then slowly started my movements, in and out there was this wet sound that we were making that made us hornier with every stroke I made inside her. With her long nails she started making art on my body, and I kept sucking her boobs.

I then pulled out myself and made her sat on me. She raised herself a little, held my dick inserted in her vagina. And kept jumping on me. While I was pressing her boobs and sucking it. She leaned towards me started kissing all over chest again while I was stuffing my dick back in her vagina.
I must say she’s damn good probably she loves Squats in gym.

With that heat all over us and that sexual arousal at its peak, I felt like the train is now reaching to its final destination.
Because I had no condom on, I quickly pulled her over and without wasting a single drop I released all myself on to her boobs and she loved those icing on her mountains.

I fell on her, hugged her tightly, kissed her, and cuddled her.
While she said, ” I loved this photoshoot session, let’s do it on a daily basis”

Her Skin

Wet, splashes on the mirror, hot steam in the bathroom, she was taking shower, inside the transparent bathing area of bathroom.

Dark brown, wet long open hair, till her waist was quenched with water. Only wearing her skin, she was glowing in the water. I could literally see the steam rising from her body.

She was standing facing the wall, I could only see her back and all the water flowing through her hair to her back drop by drop flowing through her curvy body and well toned hips to her more toned thighs and legs.

It was hard for me to just stand there outside doing nothing, I slowly removed my bath robe, that’s all what I was wearing from last night chores.

I slide the glass door open, she gently turned a bit and through her peripheral vision she saw me and smiled.

I leaned against her from back and hugged her, my hands wrapping her around waist to her centre of the body, she moaned a bit. She turned her face a bit and started kissing me slowly gently, but I am a beast, I couldn’t control myself , and started biting her lips and kissing her wildly.

She moaned a bit, she pulled my hair, and said, “kiss me slowly”. I then turned her and facing each other I started kissing her slowly as she desired for.

But I am a beast, my hands doesn’t stay at one place, my hands cruised around all over her body, arousing her more, and anchored themselves on her boobs.

Softer than the marshmallow, round as a cotton ball, big as mellons, and fair as snow, her boobs is the place that makes my cozy. Her cleavage deep as hell. I started pressing them softly as she always liked , but today she said, ” do it your way”. And that was like launch button for me. I grabbed her boobs tightly, I pressed her nipples tightly, though her boobs very fair, but her nipples were a little brown and I loved it.

She moaned alot, she was wet I could understand, as I could feel her hotness.  She started biting my lips now, and her hands were all over my back. Her body was wanting something, and I know what she wanted.

I tap down the shower, held her hands and took her with me. I pushed her on the bed like that straight from the bathroom all wet, bed sheets were all wet.

I kissed her bit her lips made my marks on her neck. Kissed her eyes, and slowly moved down.
Kissing her navel, she had a tatoo on her navel.

I kissed her tummy she moaned a bit, before I could do, she herself spread her legs for me. And there it was in front of me the gates of heaven. All wet dripping wet in front of me, the ocean of love, getting ready to be a waterfall.

The heat I could literally feel it warm, the sweet smell, similar to the fresh rose petals when u boil it to make perfume. I kissed her petals, they were wet, I licked it, and she moaned more. I started licking her clit, and she lost her control, she was like an open tap, continuously leaking.

With my tongue, I tried to open her pussy petals, pink as rose, soft as petals.

I saw her face, I saw her eyes, I know what her eyes were telling me, I know what she was begging for.
I moved towards her pulled her hands and gave it to her, and like a small child she started playing with it. Like a lollipop she  started licking, slurping my dick. While I was on the seventh cloud that time.

When she was done playing like a toy and sucking like a lollipop, I went down again, kissing her pussy, licking her, I slowly and gently, started rubbing her clit with my dick, while she kept moaning, and leaking. I teased her by inserting just the tip and pulling it out, again and again.

She pulled me closer and with her ecstatic voice she said, “fuck me, fuck me “

And with one thrust I was inside her, for a moment everything just got still, she stopped breathing, I lost my breath too, I kissed her lips, bit her lips she wrapped me around and with second thrust I was fully into her, while she with long nails black painted, scratched me all over my back. Her nails dig into my skin.

But the joy of being inside her was more overpowering than her scratch and pain
After keeping it still for a while, I started to make love with her, back and forth slowly and slowly speeding up the pace. I was held her boobs and grabbed her boobs , started biting her nipples, I love her boobs so much, that I could sleep on them.

She felt like she was bursting out, I could feel the rush inside her pussy, and that feeling made me aroused more and with the few next thrust we came together. She had a great flow, that got mixed with mine.

Though our bodies were two different, but at that moment we were one.