Different people, different approach. Different people, different likes and dislikes. Different people, different and weird fantasies.

Fantasies of people varies from north pole to south pole. I really get amazed by knowing different types of fantasies people possess.

My fantasy is also weird, it may sound strange as well, but hey, fantasies are ought to be strange. I get aroused while seeing female panties. Yeah it’s true. Specially if the panty is pink in color or red, I get aroused.

Also I get aroused to see women peeing, yeah isn’t that sexy? Sweet little pussy, urinating, is sexy and hot and i get aroused. I haven’t seen any women peeing in real life, but I have seen in porn.

I want to taste squirt, I wanna keep my face infront of the women pussy while she is squirting, and that’s my one of the weirdest fantasy. Also I haven’t seen women squirting in real life, only in videos and porn.

So what’s your fantasy, tell me about your weird encounters and arousal stories. You can write your own experience in the comments below or i would be really interested in knowing you and about your weird encounters via direct mail, or ping me on Google Hangout App.

Ms. Vanilla

Like the white chocolate, I love to savour your milky skin.
I grab it, I bite it, I lick your skin.

Like essense of vanilla, you are all over my body.
I smell you, I inhale you, I exchange your breath.

Like the wine you roll in your tongue, I roll you in the bed.
I make love, I fuck, and I fuck you hard.

Like the lotion you spread on your skin, I spread my warmth all over your body.
I cum on your boobs, I cum in your mouth, and I cum inside your pussy.

Like you spread your long hair, I love to spread your legs.
I kiss your thighs, I kiss your clit and I eat your pussy.

Like the petals rest over each other, you rest over me.
I kiss you, I cuddle you and then we sleep.

No Strings Attached

Strings of Her

Love is a four letter word, but as complicated as Time. Love has no language and love has no age. Age is just a number, love can happen at any age, with anyone. Younger can fall in love with elder, and elder can also fall in love with younger.
Male can love a male as well as female can fall in love with female. World is open now, world has started accepting the change.

Sex is a three letter word, as simple as it can be. I love sex alot, though I have only done once way back in 2017 still I love each and every concept of sex. Being a Taurean, people say that I am Sex God, metaphorically. Taureans loves sex alot because they are so artistic that they find art in sex also, according to Me, ( A proud Taurean) sex is an Art and I am an Artist.

While the world inside the cage of pandemic, sex industry physically was harmed alot initially. But due to advent of technology, sex industry was, is and always will be the highest grossing industry.

Virtual sex is also the most popular way of sex these days. I love virtual sex also, but I can’t do it with everybody, you need to have a connection with your partner, you need to have trust, with your partner.

I really trust people alot, very quickly, and because of that I tend to get hurt. I don’t blame people. I love people. Humans are beautiful.

Glowing skin, short hair, light brown nipples, perky breasts, flat tummy, tight clit and well maintainedb clean shaven pussy with fit physique at the age of 50 and above, there’s this lady I met. I was amazed to see her, how beautiful she is, by heart and by her body. Because she doesn’t look she is old enough, that’s why I said in the beginning age is just a number. People should take inspiration from this lady, at this age also, she is so fit and also workout daily.

I met her virtually, we talked, we shared conversation, I liked talking with her, she’s really a nice woman. She lives alone she does all her work alone. She is Very hardworking woman, Trust me you guyz.

We have different time zones so sometimes it gets difficult to talk. Damn this time zone has made me crazy, I have various friends around the globe, and it breaks my heart to have such huge time zones.

But still technology has made the globe reachable, it made us near to our close ones. We talk on calls, we do video calls, we can text, we have endless possibilities.

We used to share our selfie, what we eating, where we are heading out or what we are wearing. She’s sexy I am saying it again. She once sent me her night dress and man I was hard to see her, I was really aroused. And that when things got in shape between us.

She was wearing a blue top and white shorts, and her legs are so toned and sexy I was aroused to see her picture. I also sent her my selfie, I was wearing a full blue track shirt and and black track pant, but as I said I was hard and was aroused to see her picture, my dick was erect and my track pants had a bulge, that I couldn’t see while taking selfies.

“Ohhh you are hard and erect,” she replied. I asked her how do you know, she said she could see in the photo. I had no other option but to shy and accept it.

I asked her that can we do a video call right now, she said yes and I called her. And there she was looking sexy, in her outfit. She was also aroused and was feeling sexy and I can see that on her face, she was biting her lips.

She was gently keeping her hands on her top and was slowly stroking her breasts. And watching her like that I was getting aroused more and more and my dick was getting hard. She then pulled down her top and showed me her boobs. Wooww those were amazing boobs, at this age still sharp and toned, her boobs were awesome.

She removed her top and I removed my shirt, she started giving me virtual kisses. She then removed her pants and there she was beautifully naked infront of me. Her skin was glowing and she was so white. She was pressing her boobs and I told her to pinch her nipples.

“I want to see it, show it to me” she said to me. I then removed my track pants infront of her, and she started to moan, she started breathing deeply and started biting her lips. I took the phone camera close to my dick and she started touching herself. I slowly pulled down the foreskin of my dick and she spread her legs and showed me her wet pussy. And that was so tight as if it was pussy of young adult.

We started masturbating together, I was stroking my dick while she was fingering her pussy and rubbing her clit. she pressed her boobs, pinched her nipples. She spread her legs wide apart, widened her pussy, while I can only imagine licking that wet pussy. She started rubbing her clit, while I was stroking my dick. My dick was also wet by my pre cum, I showed her my pre-cum. I showed her balls, She virtually licked it. She then showed me her ass hole, and I did the same.
I asked her that does she squirt, to my surprise she starting fingering her pussy to squirt. And for the first time I saw someone live squirting for me.

I have seen alot of squirting porn but live only for me, that was first time, though it was all virtual but still. Within seconds she bursted with a huge waterfall, and she started squirting and watching her squirt I was on cloud nine, I couldn’t control myself but to cum. It was a huge load of cum, spread all over, And she saw my cum and she felt so good. She started licking my cum and kissing it virtually. She started rubbing her clit again and fingering her pussy slowly, while I cum infront of her till last drop.

“I love when you cum for me” she said to me, and yes I love to cum. Henceforth we were very open to each other, we started masturbating together almost every alternate day or so, depending upon how free we were, considering Different Time Zones.

Everything was smooth between us, until she fell for me. And I already told her earlier that I am not ready for any type of relationship right now, but love and feelings are blind, anyone can fall for anyone. She fell for me, but I didn’t.

Now she doesn’t talk to me, I know I made her hurt, but I still miss our video calls, I miss our conversation, I miss our talks, and I still miss our love making masturbation session.
I just hope and wish she forgive me and we resume our talks and our session

Virtual Sex

People are changing, World is changing. In the world of Work From Home, virtual sex has gained alot of potential.

I love sex, sex is an art. Online sex has gained lot of popularity while and post COVID-19 ( still going on). It has made sex accessible easily. But if you see it technically it’s just masturbating oneself watching the other person masturbating.

I have done it too, many times, with different women, I loved doing it with all, and they enjoyed it too. But problem starts when some women take it emotionally, when they fall for you. Virtual sex is just like casual sex be it with same partner or different partners. If you are in relationship, it’s good that you are doing it with same person, if you are single, then it’s same as Friends with Benefits or One Night Stand. Or may be with the same partner with same vibe but no Strings attached.

I am looking for such no strings attached virtual sex, whom I can trust with my body and who will trust me with her body. I can assure full safety and privacy, and unlike other things free virtual sex. You give me, and i give you, mutual benefits resolved.

Hoping to get in touch with like minded females, 18+ (older the better).

My contact details are all mentioned here on the blog

Behind Those Curl

Boudoir image of a female, showing natural and raw stretched marks on her belly, while her hair covers her breasts.
Follow this Beautiful Queen :

Behind those curls
Are Hidden gems

Gems that are soft
Soft as cotton

Cotton saree I undraped
Undraping your saree was my favourite part

Part that I played with
Was the wettest among all your parts

Parting your legs I ate what you offered me
Mixed with your sweat it tasted a bit salty

After quenching my thirst it was time to offer you a gift
Gift that you were waiting from the beginning

To begin with you just kept licking it
It grew harder and harder

Harder were my imagination for you
You on the other hand, kept arousing me

Pulling you up, kissing you hard
Biting your lips, making you hard

Hard were your brown nipples
Nipples that I love to suck

Boobs that I love to fuck
Fuck it’s time for us to fuck

Lying down on the bed, you pulled me close
Body to body, heat to heat we were exchanging even our breath

Pulling down my foreskin, getting ready with my precum
I gently rubbed your clit

My name while you moan
Was satisfyingly Lit

Gentle throbbing, digging deep
Exploring your spot

Now that’s what the moment
What you were waiting for

Now that I was at the bull’s eye
You were all horny

Biting my shoulders and scratching my back
You Begged me to drill harder

I could feel the wet warmth inside you
You were also ready to burst

Your hands around my neck and legs wrapping up on my hips
With that great shivering you released all your happiness on me

And watching that fountain of yours
My waterfall couldn’t resist but to shower on you.

Falling on each other
We managed to get our breath back

While you whispered softly
Let’s get ready for Round 2 quickly.

Golden Hour Kiss

Sitting by my side, She clicked my photo, and wrote “crush” as the caption and shared it on Snapchat, while I was driving us to hill top to see the sunset.

I drove through the jungle area, it was all beautiful, favourite music in the background, hotness by your side, long drives and hill top what more you would want.

As this was our first meeting outdoor, we were having a very healthy conversation, about likes and dislikes of each other, we didn’t realise that we actually have almost reached the hill top

But still it was some time left for actual sunset, the golden hour was almost on, so I thought to click her pictures.

She is beautiful, long open hair, golden brown, naturally pink lips, beautiful eyes, she was looking goddess in that white top and blue jeans.

I took her photos, we took few Selfie and then around the corner, we sat under a big tree. Sharing headphones we quietly listened to songs and saw sun sinking under the horizon.

That moment was very beautiful, as the sun was setting down, calm breeze started to blow and there was this feeling of peace all around.

She kept her head on my shoulders and held my hands, it was the first time we held each other’s hands. Her hands were soft, but I was getting hot. While our bodies were so closed to each other, we could actually feel each other’s warmth.

I slowly moved my hand and touched her thighs, she felt good, I could tell that by her breathing. She then looked at me, I could see in her eyes, I could read her lips, but I had some hesitation, as we were meeting for the first time, I don’t wanted to look pervert.

So I tried to ask her, and with my breathy and nervous voice, I asked her, “can I kiss you ?”
I knew she wouldn’t say yes, but I was shocked and amazed what happened next.

She pulled me closer to her, and kissed me, and in that moment I was on cloud 9, I was feeling so hot, that I started sweating. We were so into each other that we just forget where we are sitting, luckily at that time there was nobody. Our first kiss lasted for few minutes, then we realised that it is getting dark, and we should get back into the car.

We sat in the car, switched on the AC drank water, and made us calm down a bit. It was a complete silence in those few minutes. Then I said we should head back as it is getting dark, and she agreed.

Sometimes there are moments when destiny is like on your side, and whatever happens, it doesn’t leave your side. While we sat in the car, all the songs that were playing on the sound mixer were all romantic and sensous songs. That was adding fuel to our erotic fire. And that was not all, as I already told it was early monsoon, it started to rain.

I looked her face, she had a small but beautiful and shy smile. As we were driving down the hill, it started to rain more. We decided to hault the car somewhere safe, near to the city and not here in hill because it’s not safe.

We stopped near a dhaba that had a private parking, but due to rain there was no gaurd, so I thought to park there. And destiny had some plans, to our surprise there was no other car in the parking area, we were only there, in an enclosed parking area.

“I love dancing in the rain” , she said, and in the next moment she was out standing with open arms and getting wet in the rain. She was looking gorgeous, her white top was all wet and became a little translucent, and I could easily see her red coloured bra.

I am taurus by the way, the Bull, and literally like the Bull, seeing that red bra, I couldn’t control myself, and got out of the car, and hugged her tightly.
Though it was raining hard and it was cold we could feel the warmth of each other. I saw her and kissed her gently, moving my hands all over her body.

And there it was a huge thunder and she got scared and hugged me tightly. We went inside the car, we were all wet. I moved closer to her and we started kissing each other passionately. Biting her lips while my hands were making its way inside her top, I removed her top, she unbottoned my shirt.

‘Can I touch them’, I asked her, she held my face pulled towards her boobs,I kissed her boobs, they were smelling so nice, I wonder what perfume it was. I then kissed her again, and now my hands were already in the move to unhook her bra, and to my surprise in just first attempt I unhooked her bra and her big chubby boobs just got free. I removed her bra and in front of me were two chubby but soft as cotton balls, pink nipples that were all erect due to cold, I touched her nipples grabbed her boobs and she started to moan, she held my hair , she pulled my face towards her boobs and pleaded to suck them. I kissed her nipples, and started sucking her boobs, I just love her boobs so much, I feel so good grabbing them. I bit her nipples and she moaned a little more.

I pulled back and adjusted the seat and she came and sat on my lap, her boobs were hanging on face, and I like a small baby was just sucking them.

While sitting on my lap, she could figure it out, that I was getting hard, and I could feel her heat between her legs. While kissing her I tried unzipping her jeans, and took my fingers inside her wet panty, and to my surprise, it was like a fire down there. She was very hot here down there.

I touched her pussy and she dig her nails on my shoulders and back. She kept kissing me madly she started biting my lips, and I kept fingering her pussy, and rubbing her clit. While she managed to free her one hand and unzipped me. She started playing with my dick, and stroking it, while I increased my momentum of rubbing her pussy.

She started to leak a bit, I felt satisfied, I felt good, that I could make her wet. While I could feel in me that I am about to loose now, I started rubbing her clit wildly and she started loving it more and breathing heavily. Quickly then I realised that her legs started shivering and she is about to cum, and this feeling made me arouse more and with great thunder and lightning outside, we both came together on each other.

We kept kissing each other, as if we were breathing each other’s breath. I then kissed her eyes kissed her boobs kissed her nipples, for a while we kept sitting like that, till our breath was all normal.

It was a beautiful day, that I can never forget.


I always wondered artists do look up for muse and they find their muse, and then they write, or sketch or Paint or take photographs of their Muse.

I always was curious when will I find my Muse, I thought my Muse are closed friends or people who I like alot. So I took photos of my two of my female friends and named that series as Muse. But then as time passed I thought no these are not my Muse, they are just my friends. Then again I lingered on to what and who my Muse is.

After months, today I realised that muse is someone or anyone that gives you inspiration to create something new. Or to imagine something new.

Recently I found a female, on Instagram, I don’t know her real name, it’s just her username I know. She recently started her new page of boudoir.
Showcasing her own boudoir photographs.

Now you’ll ask why is she inspiring, she’s inspiring because she’s not a teenage girl who likes to earn followers but, she’s a woman, a mother of a 7years old kid. And I could feel her confidence through her photos.

In a country like India, a woman doing boudoir for herself, for her satisfaction or her confidence is commendable. Not every woman does here. May be they love to take their pictures but because of society cultures they can’t express how they feel truly.

Considering all this, and a 7yr old kid, don’t you think it’s a commendable confidence and independence.

I being a photographer, always was intrigued with human body, that’s why I mostly shoot Portraitures. And boudoir Photography is one such genre I am really intrigued.

Because she is a woman having a kid, she has natural stretch marks, and that’s pretty normal. And you know what, that makes her more special.
Females now apply different types of cream and lotions to hide or remove these stretch marks but this woman, my Muse, is all natural, and this is the reason for making her my Muse.

She’s beautiful, she’s mesmerizing, I have seen her pictures she’s full of life. She is curvy, and I fall for curvy girls.
I beleive skinny girls are for boys, and curvy girls are for Men, and I love curvy females.

She has nice thick long hair, I have always said, I love females who have long hair. She has long hair around her waist.

Her thighs full of meat, one can keep kissing and licking her thighs and she will keep admiring you for that. Her legs are in great shape, looks smooth in photos, I wish I could check them in real too.

Her waist is broad, but hey that’s what you are here for right. But then it is said, when the waist is broad, then that means there is more room to eat 😉

You know they say you shouldn’t keep the best for the last, so here I am doing the same. I am sure you all have seen mangoes, they are huge, perky from bottom but full of juice and sweetness. Her boobs are just like that. And I can’t take my eyes off her boobs. They are big, just the apt size I love, nipples are perky, dark in color, indian females have dark nipples. Her cleavage is way too deep but when you got to dig the well you have to go deep.

She has a very sexy panty which has words imprinted, that says Sweet Little Things. You know the more and more I watch her photos and more and more she uploads her photos, the more I feel to meet her. That sweet little things, I genuinely want to taste how sweet it is. But she told me she doesn’t like pussy pictures so I will not click Pictures in which her pussy is visible. Because for me client satisfaction and consent is more important.

She keeps uploading her pictures everyday. She showed me her collection of the images, and I should tell you the pictures are stunning.

I feel She wants to express alot with her photos, she just wants to be free. She wants to tell her story, and I am really intrigued to know more about her and her story.

That’s why I have planned to meet her, not now after this pandemic is over. She stays in different city far off my place, but definitely I will plan because I have to shoot her pictures, she has love towards boudoir and I love boudoir photography, when like minded people meet, the outcome is always better.

Hoping to meet her soon.

Beyond the Small Window

“It was all past, I don’t have feelings for you now, also I am loyal to my partner”, she replied to me.

I said, ” ok yeah, I understand”

I saw the time, it was late enough, it was 3.30am, I told her its late, I am sleeping now.

She said good night friend, have a good sleep.

And I switched off the WiFi and went to sleep.

There was a white flash infront of me and went to flashback.

“Hello Jesbie, (name changed due to privacy) How are you ?” I texted her on Ablo Messaging App. She replied “Hello friend, I am fine, Hope you are also”

She was spanish and I don’t know how to speak Spanish but the Ablo app automatically translates our conversation to our native languages.

It was a nice Goddamn app to connect people around the globe, I don’t use it now, as it is now paid, and it was free then, and no In-App purchases.

So she was a baker, actually she is a baker, she really bakes nice cakes, and cookies I have seen her pictures delicious cakes she bakes.

I get well with Taurus people, because I am also Taurus, Jesbie, is also taurean.

She is a lil chubby but she has a nice skin color, I have seen her pictures, we used to share our pictures, but not now, she is in love with someone else.

Our days were opposite, our time zones were different, but still we used to text and chat alot.

Because it was the initial time of Lockdown around the world, everybody was free and had time, so we used to enjoy our talks alot.

After few months, we were very open to each other, she started developing feeling for me, and we used to Video call each other, and those video calls and text chats turned into Phone Sex for us.

Ablo was strict in its privacy and security policies so we shared our Google hangout IDs and started chatting on Hangout, we do still chat, only chat, not much but.

So we started sharing our nudes to each other, we used to do phone sex with each other, on Hangout. She used to love my lips, she always asked me to kiss her, and virtually on video call I used to kiss her.

Then slowly we used to remove our clothes one by one. Black was her favorite color. She used to wear black all the time, she used to remove her black top, and then watching her in Bra, I tend to get hard. Then I used to remove my Tshirt.

We usually video call when it’s night here at my place. I only wear track pants and a t-shirt during the nights, and nothing else, so when I used to remove my t-shirt I used to be bare chested, she liked my chest, my hairy chest, I should say.

I used to kiss her virtually, and then she used to touch her boobs, she used to press them softly, then she used to remove her bra, and infront of me there were massive beautiful boobs of her.

Damn her boobs I still remember are big, her nipples wooww, yummyy, I wish I could just suck them, and play with her boobs.

She used to moan alot, I used to kiss her, and lick her virtually on the camera.

Then I used to point my camera downward, I used to show my bulge. I still remember, when I first showed my dick to her, she was so timid, so shy, I still remember her face she hid her face with pillow.

She used to like my dick, she always said that she Wanted to lick my dick and suck it.

Then slowly she used to point her camera downward showing her chubby belly and naval, and then to her panty.

Her panty were also sometimes black in color, just to tell you guyz I get a hard on when I see a female panty, she used to pull it out in front of me, ohh damnnn that was the sexiest part.

Her pussy little hairy sometimes, but I like it, she used to spread her legs for me, so I can see her beautiful pink pussy, amidst her thick thighs.

Thighs that I would lick all over, to her pussy, wet pussy. She used to tell me to kiss her and make moan her name, I used to do that.

We used to see each other while we masturbate, that was really sexy, she used to like me alot, she is genuinely a nice person.

I used to show her while I cum, she said she always wanted to lick my cum. She used to say I wanna hug you.

I would love to hug her too.

But she doesn’t do such things with me now, she’s in love with other person.

I sometimes feel to do again with her, but she’s like she doesn’t want to do with me as she’s loyal to her boyfriend.

I understand that, but exploring self love, with someone isn’t bad what do you guyz say?
Someone whom she started feeling good about her body.

If anyone wants to connect with me on Hangout then do let me know.

Also comment ,what do you feel, should she connect with me again or not?

One Winter Day

Sunlight was just trying to fit in,
Through this winter fog

While she came along and
Sat on my lap,
Trying to fit-in my arms

I could barely see the sun
As her face was just infront of me
That created a beautiful Eclipse
And that Edge Light around her hair
That was worth capturing
But she already made me promise
To not to use the camera
To not to do Photography

It was a cold winter day,
But the warmth of the sun
And her Moons,
Was making me comfortable

My balcony is shitty,
As she described
Pigeons were the reason she said.
She smiled watching the act of pigeons
She turned towards me,
kissed me,
removed her clothes,
Showed off her wings
Pigeons were the reason, she said

I took her to the bed
The sunlight was stark by this time
My skin is sensitive
It tans really quickly.
Her nails are sharp
It scratches my skin easily

Six inches,
Zara salesman told,
spray the perfume six inches away
from neck.
Zara Red Vanilla, she bought
last night
She purposely sprayed the same
in this Winter morning
She know smelling and kissing her neck is my habit
And biting her lips is my Genre

She is fit
But I am not
She has abs
And I have bags
But there’s one thing that I have
And she loves that.
My eyes she always say
Are worth staring.
My eyes, she say
Can’t be trusted.
But here she is
In front of me
All in her skin
And only in her skin
Wearing me as blanket.
I can be naked in front of him
Still he won’t hurt me.
She once said, to her frnd
That trust is what I seek
And that level of loyalty
is what I return.

Yet again what I can return
Is what I am good at.
Ever tasted a rose petal
How organic it tastes.
Her taste down there,
Tastes the same.
Good things,
Takes time
So does woman.
Strangling between her legs
It’s been dozens of breath we shared
She does take time
Aah there she is, her breathing
Turned into moaning
The sign of continuity
Just keep doing whatever you were doing,
She whispered to me breathely.

I am not a cricketer
I don’t understand the pace of the ball
But I do understand to increase the pace of my tongue here
She started to stretch her toes
She held her hand on my head
Her legs strangled me more firmly
And with that thunderous moan,
There was this heavy rainfall
That I wasn’t expecting

She slapped me
And it was a tight slap
She does always slap me
The hardness of the slap
Determines how hard I gave her the orgasm

Yes we didn’t had sex
Yet we had sex
Yes I didn’t got inside her
Yet we had orgasm
Sex is for couples
Orgasm is for friends
Yes I am not her lover
Yes I am her friend
Friend More than a lover
Lover Less than a husband

This was our breakup sex
She promised me she will not have sex with me ever again.
But she also took my promise
That I will give her yet another chance to slap me harder