Boudoir image of a female, showing natural and raw stretched marks on her belly, while her hair covers her breasts.
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Behind those curls
Are Hidden gems

Gems that are soft
Soft as cotton

Cotton saree I undraped
Undraping your saree was my favourite part

Part that I played with
Was the wettest among all your parts

Parting your legs I ate what you offered me
Mixed with your sweat it tasted a bit salty

After quenching my thirst it was time to offer you a gift
Gift that you were waiting from the beginning

To begin with you just kept licking it
It grew harder and harder

Harder were my imagination for you
You on the other hand, kept arousing me

Pulling you up, kissing you hard
Biting your lips, making you hard

Hard were your brown nipples
Nipples that I love to suck

Boobs that I love to fuck
Fuck it’s time for us to fuck

Lying down on the bed, you pulled me close
Body to body, heat to heat we were exchanging even our breath

Pulling down my foreskin, getting ready with my precum
I gently rubbed your clit

My name while you moan
Was satisfyingly Lit

Gentle throbbing, digging deep
Exploring your spot

Now that’s what the moment
What you were waiting for

Now that I was at the bull’s eye
You were all horny

Biting my shoulders and scratching my back
You Begged me to drill harder

I could feel the wet warmth inside you
You were also ready to burst

Your hands around my neck and legs wrapping up on my hips
With that great shivering you released all your happiness on me

And watching that fountain of yours
My waterfall couldn’t resist but to shower on you.

Falling on each other
We managed to get our breath back

While you whispered softly
Let’s get ready for Round 2 quickly.

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