Her Skin

Wet, splashes on the mirror, hot steam in the bathroom, she was taking shower, inside the transparent bathing area of bathroom.

Dark brown, wet long open hair, till her waist was quenched with water. Only wearing her skin, she was glowing in the water. I could literally see the steam rising from her body.

She was standing facing the wall, I could only see her back and all the water flowing through her hair to her back drop by drop flowing through her curvy body and well toned hips to her more toned thighs and legs.

It was hard for me to just stand there outside doing nothing, I slowly removed my bath robe, that’s all what I was wearing from last night chores.

I slide the glass door open, she gently turned a bit and through her peripheral vision she saw me and smiled.

I leaned against her from back and hugged her, my hands wrapping her around waist to her centre of the body, she moaned a bit. She turned her face a bit and started kissing me slowly gently, but I am a beast, I couldn’t control myself , and started biting her lips and kissing her wildly.

She moaned a bit, she pulled my hair, and said, “kiss me slowly”. I then turned her and facing each other I started kissing her slowly as she desired for.

But I am a beast, my hands doesn’t stay at one place, my hands cruised around all over her body, arousing her more, and anchored themselves on her boobs.

Softer than the marshmallow, round as a cotton ball, big as mellons, and fair as snow, her boobs is the place that makes my cozy. Her cleavage deep as hell. I started pressing them softly as she always liked , but today she said, ” do it your way”. And that was like launch button for me. I grabbed her boobs tightly, I pressed her nipples tightly, though her boobs very fair, but her nipples were a little brown and I loved it.

She moaned alot, she was wet I could understand, as I could feel her hotness.  She started biting my lips now, and her hands were all over my back. Her body was wanting something, and I know what she wanted.

I tap down the shower, held her hands and took her with me. I pushed her on the bed like that straight from the bathroom all wet, bed sheets were all wet.

I kissed her bit her lips made my marks on her neck. Kissed her eyes, and slowly moved down.
Kissing her navel, she had a tatoo on her navel.

I kissed her tummy she moaned a bit, before I could do, she herself spread her legs for me. And there it was in front of me the gates of heaven. All wet dripping wet in front of me, the ocean of love, getting ready to be a waterfall.

The heat I could literally feel it warm, the sweet smell, similar to the fresh rose petals when u boil it to make perfume. I kissed her petals, they were wet, I licked it, and she moaned more. I started licking her clit, and she lost her control, she was like an open tap, continuously leaking.

With my tongue, I tried to open her pussy petals, pink as rose, soft as petals.

I saw her face, I saw her eyes, I know what her eyes were telling me, I know what she was begging for.
I moved towards her pulled her hands and gave it to her, and like a small child she started playing with it. Like a lollipop she  started licking, slurping my dick. While I was on the seventh cloud that time.

When she was done playing like a toy and sucking like a lollipop, I went down again, kissing her pussy, licking her, I slowly and gently, started rubbing her clit with my dick, while she kept moaning, and leaking. I teased her by inserting just the tip and pulling it out, again and again.

She pulled me closer and with her ecstatic voice she said, “fuck me, fuck me “

And with one thrust I was inside her, for a moment everything just got still, she stopped breathing, I lost my breath too, I kissed her lips, bit her lips she wrapped me around and with second thrust I was fully into her, while she with long nails black painted, scratched me all over my back. Her nails dig into my skin.

But the joy of being inside her was more overpowering than her scratch and pain
After keeping it still for a while, I started to make love with her, back and forth slowly and slowly speeding up the pace. I was held her boobs and grabbed her boobs , started biting her nipples, I love her boobs so much, that I could sleep on them.

She felt like she was bursting out, I could feel the rush inside her pussy, and that feeling made me aroused more and with the few next thrust we came together. She had a great flow, that got mixed with mine.

Though our bodies were two different, but at that moment we were one.  

That Red Saree

That red saree against her body was as if she was born with it,
Her fair skin was glowing through that saree as if moon was covered with warm clouds.
Those water drops from her long hair were making my face wet as if the during the first time of rain makes you feel warm and cold at the same time.
She was facing downward her beautiful face on my face, her lips were kissing me softly, but I was sucking her lips as if I wanna drink all the juice of her lips.
I was watching her blue eyes, that had the glow and shimmer, the same way as it when u see water tides accross the beach on a sunny day.
I then took my hand to her deep neck that had a tattoo, a small bird, who wants to fly accross alone, experiencing all her fantasy.
Kissing her neck biting her neck making my marks, I made my way to her cleavage like deep valleys and her boobs like huge mountains, filled with honey.
Her boobs as big as mountain and as soft as cotton balls.
As she was only draping a saree and not literally wearingi it, her boobs were peeping out, I removed the palla, and there were her boobs in front of me, my hands couldn’t control myself from grabbing them, and she couldn’t control herself from loosing herself and started getting wet.
I grabber her boobs, started to bite her nipples while she kept moaning.
Grabbing her boobs I kept kissing and slowly went down to her beautiful navel, started licking her, she giggled a bit, she moaned a bit, she bit her own lips.
Control was not in my hands neither her body now was in control.
She kept dripping the pussy juices, slowly I went down I could feel the warmth, I could feel the heat wave from her pussy, it was hot she was hot,
I spread her legs, and there it was the doors of heaven, the wet valley to the zenith, I smelled her pussy, it was beautiful.
The moment I licked her pussy, she moaned like hell, she shivered as if she was struck by lightning,
Her thighs and legs were well toned, probably because of the Squats in the gym,
Kissed her thighs while my fingers were still making way to her wet valley.
I went to down to her ankle, she always wear beautiful anklet, I kissed it.
While she was moaning, and wanting me, she couldn’t control herself.
She immediately got up and sat on my face and giving me all that she had held in her for so long, and I, like a thirsty man, kept drinking her, as quenched my thirst.

The time is Now

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