Different people, different approach. Different people, different likes and dislikes. Different people, different and weird fantasies.

Fantasies of people varies from north pole to south pole. I really get amazed by knowing different types of fantasies people possess.

My fantasy is also weird, it may sound strange as well, but hey, fantasies are ought to be strange. I get aroused while seeing female panties. Yeah it’s true. Specially if the panty is pink in color or red, I get aroused.

Also I get aroused to see women peeing, yeah isn’t that sexy? Sweet little pussy, urinating, is sexy and hot and i get aroused. I haven’t seen any women peeing in real life, but I have seen in porn.

I want to taste squirt, I wanna keep my face infront of the women pussy while she is squirting, and that’s my one of the weirdest fantasy. Also I haven’t seen women squirting in real life, only in videos and porn.

So what’s your fantasy, tell me about your weird encounters and arousal stories. You can write your own experience in the comments below or i would be really interested in knowing you and about your weird encounters via direct mail, or ping me on Google Hangout App.

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