Strings of Her

Love is a four letter word, but as complicated as Time. Love has no language and love has no age. Age is just a number, love can happen at any age, with anyone. Younger can fall in love with elder, and elder can also fall in love with younger.
Male can love a male as well as female can fall in love with female. World is open now, world has started accepting the change.

Sex is a three letter word, as simple as it can be. I love sex alot, though I have only done once way back in 2017 still I love each and every concept of sex. Being a Taurean, people say that I am Sex God, metaphorically. Taureans loves sex alot because they are so artistic that they find art in sex also, according to Me, ( A proud Taurean) sex is an Art and I am an Artist.

While the world inside the cage of pandemic, sex industry physically was harmed alot initially. But due to advent of technology, sex industry was, is and always will be the highest grossing industry.

Virtual sex is also the most popular way of sex these days. I love virtual sex also, but I can’t do it with everybody, you need to have a connection with your partner, you need to have trust, with your partner.

I really trust people alot, very quickly, and because of that I tend to get hurt. I don’t blame people. I love people. Humans are beautiful.

Glowing skin, short hair, light brown nipples, perky breasts, flat tummy, tight clit and well maintainedb clean shaven pussy with fit physique at the age of 50 and above, there’s this lady I met. I was amazed to see her, how beautiful she is, by heart and by her body. Because she doesn’t look she is old enough, that’s why I said in the beginning age is just a number. People should take inspiration from this lady, at this age also, she is so fit and also workout daily.

I met her virtually, we talked, we shared conversation, I liked talking with her, she’s really a nice woman. She lives alone she does all her work alone. She is Very hardworking woman, Trust me you guyz.

We have different time zones so sometimes it gets difficult to talk. Damn this time zone has made me crazy, I have various friends around the globe, and it breaks my heart to have such huge time zones.

But still technology has made the globe reachable, it made us near to our close ones. We talk on calls, we do video calls, we can text, we have endless possibilities.

We used to share our selfie, what we eating, where we are heading out or what we are wearing. She’s sexy I am saying it again. She once sent me her night dress and man I was hard to see her, I was really aroused. And that when things got in shape between us.

She was wearing a blue top and white shorts, and her legs are so toned and sexy I was aroused to see her picture. I also sent her my selfie, I was wearing a full blue track shirt and and black track pant, but as I said I was hard and was aroused to see her picture, my dick was erect and my track pants had a bulge, that I couldn’t see while taking selfies.

“Ohhh you are hard and erect,” she replied. I asked her how do you know, she said she could see in the photo. I had no other option but to shy and accept it.

I asked her that can we do a video call right now, she said yes and I called her. And there she was looking sexy, in her outfit. She was also aroused and was feeling sexy and I can see that on her face, she was biting her lips.

She was gently keeping her hands on her top and was slowly stroking her breasts. And watching her like that I was getting aroused more and more and my dick was getting hard. She then pulled down her top and showed me her boobs. Wooww those were amazing boobs, at this age still sharp and toned, her boobs were awesome.

She removed her top and I removed my shirt, she started giving me virtual kisses. She then removed her pants and there she was beautifully naked infront of me. Her skin was glowing and she was so white. She was pressing her boobs and I told her to pinch her nipples.

“I want to see it, show it to me” she said to me. I then removed my track pants infront of her, and she started to moan, she started breathing deeply and started biting her lips. I took the phone camera close to my dick and she started touching herself. I slowly pulled down the foreskin of my dick and she spread her legs and showed me her wet pussy. And that was so tight as if it was pussy of young adult.

We started masturbating together, I was stroking my dick while she was fingering her pussy and rubbing her clit. she pressed her boobs, pinched her nipples. She spread her legs wide apart, widened her pussy, while I can only imagine licking that wet pussy. She started rubbing her clit, while I was stroking my dick. My dick was also wet by my pre cum, I showed her my pre-cum. I showed her balls, She virtually licked it. She then showed me her ass hole, and I did the same.
I asked her that does she squirt, to my surprise she starting fingering her pussy to squirt. And for the first time I saw someone live squirting for me.

I have seen alot of squirting porn but live only for me, that was first time, though it was all virtual but still. Within seconds she bursted with a huge waterfall, and she started squirting and watching her squirt I was on cloud nine, I couldn’t control myself but to cum. It was a huge load of cum, spread all over, And she saw my cum and she felt so good. She started licking my cum and kissing it virtually. She started rubbing her clit again and fingering her pussy slowly, while I cum infront of her till last drop.

“I love when you cum for me” she said to me, and yes I love to cum. Henceforth we were very open to each other, we started masturbating together almost every alternate day or so, depending upon how free we were, considering Different Time Zones.

Everything was smooth between us, until she fell for me. And I already told her earlier that I am not ready for any type of relationship right now, but love and feelings are blind, anyone can fall for anyone. She fell for me, but I didn’t.

Now she doesn’t talk to me, I know I made her hurt, but I still miss our video calls, I miss our conversation, I miss our talks, and I still miss our love making masturbation session.
I just hope and wish she forgive me and we resume our talks and our session

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