People are changing, World is changing. In the world of Work From Home, virtual sex has gained alot of potential.

I love sex, sex is an art. Online sex has gained lot of popularity while and post COVID-19 ( still going on). It has made sex accessible easily. But if you see it technically it’s just masturbating oneself watching the other person masturbating.

I have done it too, many times, with different women, I loved doing it with all, and they enjoyed it too. But problem starts when some women take it emotionally, when they fall for you. Virtual sex is just like casual sex be it with same partner or different partners. If you are in relationship, it’s good that you are doing it with same person, if you are single, then it’s same as Friends with Benefits or One Night Stand. Or may be with the same partner with same vibe but no Strings attached.

I am looking for such no strings attached virtual sex, whom I can trust with my body and who will trust me with her body. I can assure full safety and privacy, and unlike other things free virtual sex. You give me, and i give you, mutual benefits resolved.

Hoping to get in touch with like minded females, 18+ (older the better).

My contact details are all mentioned here on the blog

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