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Sex is an art, and I am an artist — Taurean Himeros

For those who believe the same, here you will experience the Wonderful and beautiful world of love making. The World of Words, people frequently tell me that my words make them wet, and they really enjoyed reading my work. Then they open up their unfulfilled hidden fantasies. So I thought why not reaching to masses and knowing them closely.

I am here to listen to you all, be free to talk to me, be free to discuss whatever you want to discuss. Sometimes talking to a stranger and sharing things makes us feel so light. And I’ll be really glad to know you all.

I’ll be posting my erotic stories, it will be all my imagination, but those imagination will include, lots of small details which will be true and part of my experiences.

Hope you will enjoy, my words, and I hope that everytime you read my work, I hope you get wet. And when you get wet, do comment me “waterfall” on that post, I’ll understand that you loved my work and you enjoyed, I will take that as complement.


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